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Jaipur Elephant Safari was started to save the lives and species of Elephants Jaipur. It was started by the government to save the Elephants and to treat them as they are living in their natural habitat. By starting of Jaipur Elephant Safarilots of Elephants Jaipur are saved and are living happily in their natural habitat.

Also with saving of Elephants lives, Jaipur Elephant Safari also helps many tourists to interact with Elephants and to explore wildlife. Yes, Tourists can also explore the wildlife through this. They can interact with Elephants Jaipur and can show their love and emotions them. Jaipur Elephant Safari to walk through many types of Forests, Jungles and to explore many new places. By visiting these types of places, tourists can get close to natural habitat, its climates and many types of animals and surroundings. In Elephant Safari you can get many types of Elephants and apart from Elephants, you can also get a chance to see many more types of animals like monkey, etc.

Apart from this, there are many activities are also present in Jaipur Elephant Safari. Tourists and also interact with Elephants through many types of activities (Will discuss below). These activities are also known as Adventure spots in Jaipur.

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