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Walk with Elephants

Everyone is always excited and would like to try an elephant ride but we prefer our customers to not ride the elephants but to rather walk with them. Walk with Elephants it ’s a small activity in which you have an amazing experience being up close to these beautiful creatures as you walk with elephants. By this, you will get the chance to communicate with elephants more and more and by this, you can show your expression towards them. We provide this activity, which is enjoyable for you and much better for our resident elephants.

Many other providers will provide many elephants which are expected to provide many elephant rides to earn a lot of money for the profit of those running the villages. At Elefanjoy, we are different, our target is to earn only enough to ensure the elephants have enough food, it is our priority to make an awareness in this world that elephant rides are not everything and that there are many other ways to express our love for elephants.

If asked, we do provide limited elephant rides at our sanctuary but these are limited to only two rides per day and it is not our preference of activities for these beautiful creatures.

The Elephant Santuary and Elefanjoy

The Elephant Sanctuary is a home for Elephants. In elephant sanctuary, the Elephants are kept with full care with their natural habitat. The Elephant Sanctuary was started in 1995 with a 100 acres’ of land, and by taking care of one Elephant named “Tarra”.

In India, at present, there are many Sanctuaries especially in states like Kerala and Rajasthan. In Jaipur also there are many elephants. Elephant village Jaipur is the biggest sanctuary of the world where have the target to 165 elephants in future with good facilities Every Elephant have their own room, own driver and driver family to caring of an Elephant.

Our Services

Elephants symbolise Royal Culture and in Capital of Rajasthan – “Jaipur” we are ready to render you with our exotic services: We provide Elephant Safari in Jaipur and some other services you can find below.


Introduction with Elephants

In Elefanjoy our very first step is to introduce you with elephants so that you and elephants become familier with each other. In Introduction with Elephants we will teach you to communicate with elephants.

Elephant Feeding

Elephant Feeding

Feeding Elephant is an art and we at Elefanjoy skilled people in this Art of feeding elephant in Jaipur, feeding banana like a sweet for elephants that’s favorite of elephants.

Elephant Painting

Elephant Painting

We also let Our Customers to do painting on Elephants in Jaipur India, which spreads joy on Tourist and Elephants on every time.

Walk with Elephants

Walking with Elephants

Walk with Elephants is a small activities in which you have to walk with Elephants. By this you will get chance to communicate with Elephant more and more and by this you can show your expression towards them.

Elephant Riding

Elephant Riding

We provides Best Elephant Ride in JaipurIndia, Riding an Elephant feels like riding the whole world. We at Elefanjoy ensure you to provide the same feeling and excitement on elephant ride in amer fort.

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari

We provides Best Elephant Safari in Jaipur, Feel the rajasthan heritage look with Elefanjoy. The elephant safaris are conducted in the nahargarh biological park surrounding by the hills.

About Us

Elefanjoy Sanctuary

Elefanjoy Sanctuary- A popular and well-renowned organization of Jaipur, having given its services for more than a decade in the field of Elephants, providing experiences such as back Elephant Rides, Elephant Safari, Elephant Care- sharing the knowledge, and expertise our experienced team. Our results symbolize our dedicated hard work towards our organization and elephant’s welfare. We believe in the best care for our elephants and ensure sensitive care is taken for all our elephants, elephants are extremely sensitive to their environment and ensure that they always feel special and joyous, as heart resides in each being.

We are pleased to inform everyone that our cute and charming female elephant has been awarded the winning position in Elephant Competition for seven years which is organized in March every year. We are glad to let you know that our one of female Elephant has also given birth to a baby Elephant aged five years and another female Elephant is pregnant. We also look after a male Elephant who steal glances of tourist and residents of the city throughout festivals, fairs and processions organized all over Jaipur.

Elejanjoy was started by yoga trainer Ankit in 2012 to help elephants in Jaipur, Ankit regularly works as a yoga trainer in the morning and the evening and leaves his afternoons available for working with the elephants as a volunteer to provide the best for the elephants.

Elejanjoy is providing the best services and has been awarded by TripAdvisor for elephant activities in Jaipur.

There have many copycat companies providing similar activities but they provide this activity in some private farmhouses for profit making.

Elefanjoy provides a big elephant sanctuary, where the money goes straight to the welfare of the elephants. We ask that you please don’t be misguided by copycat companies and come to us to visit an authentic elephant village.


Jaipur Elephant Safari

Jaipur Elephant Safari was started to save the lives and species of Elephants Jaipur. It was started by the government to save the Elephants and to treat them as they are living in their natural habitat. By Read more…

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